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So, it's been an interesting year, with HM Plant's dodgy brakes, Casey's fatigue sickness and a Texan fella with big elbows taking it to Nori. Nevermind all the action in the TT, Ulster, NW200, Oliver's Mount and all the other smaller Irish circuits, plus Bradley Smith, Cal Crutchlow and Norge, Alastair Seeley, Plater and so many other players in the world of bike sports.

As for my year, well, i've managed to shoot most of the aforementioned riders and met quite a few, albeit briefly, but you get a good impression of what these guys (and girls) are like.

I've started submitting my work to Motorbike Sport, so you'll see mine and another 'tog or two's work on the site after every meeting we shoot. There's a great forum on the site too, so you can talk about racing, road bikes, photography and loads of other pointless (but highly amusing) subjects.

Anyway, check the site out:… and get registered on the forum.

Anyway, in the next few weeks there's Cadwell Park and Croft BSB rounds, then i'll be spending a fortnight in Florida. Taking my tripod this time to attempt some more startrails shots, as there's  not much light pollution where we'll be staying. This means i'll miss the Gold Cup at Oliver's and Silverstone BSB, but I can live with that for two weeks in the States!
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Gilly71 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
Sounds like a busy season for you then fella. & no sign of it letting up either :lol:
At least you get 2 weeks to recharge the batteries though.

I'm off to Florida myself in Sept. don't think i'll take the camera though. give myself a break for 2 weeks.
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August 20, 2009